Stop 11

Stop 11: MLK & Morrison

We’re coming up on the Morrison Bridge. The Morrison was completed in 1958, the third bridge to carry that name.

River City Bikes, 706 SE MLK, was started by Dave Guettler 15 years ago. Their Rubber to the Road guidebooks are a collection of favorite bicycle rides in the Portland, Oregon area.

They sponsor a variety of events, including the Cross Crusade race series, and donate to organizations like Bikes to Rwanda and the Bicycle Transportation Alliance. A skilled woodworker, Guettler has hand-built stylish wooden fixtures. Their trendsetting Full Wood fenders have been featured several times in the national media.

Access for bicycles and pedestrians on the Morrison Bridge was improved in a $1.9 million project that added a barrier-separated path on the south side.

The Willamette Light Brigade illuminates the concrete piers with computer-controlled LEDs.

The Central Eastside is a prime urban industrial area, with more than 1,100 businesses. Many of Portland’s creative-type businesses have recently moved into some of the neighborhood’s abandoned warehouses and brick buildings, including design firms, restaurants, retailers, breweries and even an independent record label.

Beam rehabbed several buildings into bustling commerce centers that provide affordable space for a diversity of scrappy firms that don’t need a marble clad lobby.

Olympic Mills is a refurbished Grain Mill built in 1906 and represents one of the largest historic buildings to receive a full seismic upgrade in the City of Portland.

Like the Eastbank Commerce Center and Water Avenue Commerce Center, also Beam projects, the Olympic Mills features flex work-space.

Le Bistro Montage, one of Portland’s signature restaurants, is located in the heart of the Central Eastside Industrial district in what was once the Royal Hotel at 301 SE Morrison. While dining on linen-covered tables, you can enjoy a wide variety of meals, from rock shrimp pesto linguini to alligator jambalaya!

The Radius community art studios, 322 SE Morrison, is a community space offering workshops, and facilities for artists. As a monthly partner, artists are given dedicated storage space within the studio for their materials (storage varies depending on media – lockers, shelves, flat files, and canvas rack are all available).

Northwest Center for Photography, 1028 Southeast Water Ave, features photography workshops and an i witness gallery.

Winks Hardware, 200 SE Stark, moved here from the Pearl almost a decade ago.

Habitat for Humanity Restore, 66 SE Morrison St, says their ReStores raise funds to help Habitat for Humanity build affordable homes and keep usable materials out of the waste stream. Typical donations include: Windows and doors, Flooring and tile, Plumbing fixtures and hardware, Lighting and electrical hardware and cabinets.

With the help of our shoppers, donors and volunteers, they have raised over $1.2 million for Habitat, and we keep about 4.2 million pounds of materials out of the landfill each year.

The Clifford Hotel, at 519 SE Morrison serves special needs and low income residents. There are 88 units – 33 single room occupancy (SRO) units, 54 studios, and 1 one bedroom apartment in the building.

The building is remarkably unchanged from this 1929 shot from Vintage Portland.

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