Stop 21

Stop 21: Grand & Burnside

Burnside originally was named B Street, was laid out by Captain Couch. Burnside became notorious in the 1860s for liquor and card rooms that drew the sailors from the large dock at the foot of B, C, and D Streets.

In 1903, the Burnside streetcar line opened to link the old Nob Hill neighborhood on the west to the newer Buckman neighborhood to the east. The Burnside Bridge opened in 1926, increasing the number of cars that could get across the river.

By 1931, the need for more roadway space led to a street widening project on both East and West Burnside. On the east side, the first floor of many buildings became an arcade to accommodate a new sidewalk as the old sidewalk gave way to another traffic lane.

As the city’s population and traffic have increased, Burnside has continued to play an important role in the city’s transportation network.

Looking west on East Burnside at Grand,July 2, 1931.

A few of the interesting business at this import hub include Works Partnership Architecture, at 524 East Burnside Street. They helped create that innovative bSIDE6 building up Burnside and Olympic Mills down by the river.

There’s also Muse Modeling Agency at 524 E. Burnside, which has sent dozens of models around the world to model for international agencies. Oregon Artificial Limb, between Burnside and Couch, makes Orthotics & Prosthetics.

Burnside Brewing Company 701 E. Burnside, opened its doors in 2010, the vision was to brew beers that accompany and enhance the culinary experience. Delicious Donuts is at 12 SE Grand and Rock and Rose carries new and vintage local clothing for men and women.

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