Stop 23

Stop 23: Grand & Holladay

Get off at the Holladay stop to transfer to the Max Light Rail line or The Convention Center, which is one block West (to our left).

Construction of the original 15-mile East bound route to Gresham started in 1982, and opened on September 5, 1986. The 18-mile (29 km) West bound line, to Beaverton and Hillsboro, began construction in 1993 and opened in 1998.

Red Line goes to the Airport, the Green Line goes South to Clackamas, Oregon, Yellow Line goes to the Portland Expo Center and the Blue Line runs between Hillsboro (to the West) and Gresham (to the East). The Orange Line, a 7.3-mile Southbound route between Portland and Milwaukie is scheduled to open in September 2015.

Portland’s light rail line uses 4 radio channels on their mainline. Railroad buffs might try these 4 freqencies, but the Streetcar uses a different frequency than MAX and both use a trunked system that makes monitoring difficult. Tri-Met spent $35 million on its Computer Aided Dispatch system that also tracks its vehicles on 450MHz.

TriMet was one of the first to use Orbital Sciences’s satellite-based (ITS) system but those wide-band 450 MHz radios were going out of FCC compliance. The system also generates and displays next bus stop info for passengers and provides information for mobile apps.

There are lots of hotels around this stop. Inn at the Convention Centerx, 420 NE Holladay St, is conveniently located across from the Oregon Convention Center. Motel 6, at 518 NE Holladay, is just a block or two from the Portland Convention Center. The Red Lion Hotel, 1021 NE Grand, is the closest 3 star hotel to the convention center.

There’s also a Starbucks at 1035 MLK and Dennys at 425 Hassalo.

The Pongo Fund, 910 MLK, is Portland’s first food bank for pets. They seek out and deliver food for the animal companions of the homeless, getting help from suppliers including Canidae All Natural Pet Foods and Dogswell, serving meals to hungry and worthy animals.

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